Thursday, May 5, 2011

Change to eHSARF Process

Anyone who has anything to do with requesting or approving technology purchases should read this article related to changes in the eHSARF (Electronic Hardware Software Acquisition Request Form) process.

Computer support has recently undergone reorganization.  Prior to the reorganization, different colleges and departments had different ways of handling eHSARF requests.  Some areas were submitting an eHSARF request, then contacting the ITS Service Desk at a later time to enter the work order. Others submitted a work order, then after a quote was agreed upon, created the eHSARF.  In the new structure, the process of purchasing all hardware and software is being done by one team of technicians. 
In an effort to unify the eHSARF process across the University, the process to procure hardware and software was standardized to the following:
  1. Contact TAC (231.591.4822 or Technology Assistance and submit a work order for the request to purchase or inquire about the hardware or software.  
  2. Provide the name of the person to contact if there are questions, location where the technology will be installed, and any other pertinent details about the request.
  3. A work order will be created by the ITS Service Desk.
  4. Once a technician receives the work order, they will contact the requestor to obtain more information about the request to assist with creating a quote.
  5. Once the quote has been created, the technician will contact the requestor and finalize the quote.
  6. After the quote is finalized, the requestor will be asked to submit an eHSARF. 
  7. The normal eHSARF electronic approval process will take place.
For some, this process will not be any different than what was being done before.  For others, this may be a reversal of what was happening in the past.  This new process will help the technicians keep track of the new procurement requests coming in.  It will also help unify the technology procurement process campus wide.  Your continued understanding and support is greatly appreciated.