Monday, October 17, 2011

PC Replacement Update

Some of the computers up for replacement through the Presidential Computer Replacement program are on campus and being processed for distribution. The Windows based systems are being distributed with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. Now is a good time to get familiar 

What Technology is in The Classroom?

This past summer the TAC hired a student intern to put together a Classroom Technologies database. Student Gabe Afton worked tirelessly on the database with assistance from Zach Morway for photos. 

The results of their efforts are now available for use on the Classroom Technology Database web site. A link is also available to the

Classroom Technology Packages

When classroom equipment fails, the TAC is called to assess the situation. TAC staff work to get the equipment operational in order to minimize the impact on the classes held in the room. Sometimes a temporary solution must be put in place while the

October 2011 Resale Store Promotion

Receive 20% off all items at the Computer Equipment Resale store between October 17th and October 21st, 2011 when you enter the promotion code 'Foliage' on the Payment Methods page. Item availability is limited.