Thursday, November 10, 2011

Atomic Learning offers “just-in-time” learning at Ferris

Are you overwhelmed with Blackboard 9.1? Do you need to use APA or MLA style for your research paper that is due tomorrow? Do you want to show Sparkline data points in your Excel spreadsheet? 

The new Atomic Learning system at Ferris is just the thing for you.  Atomic Learning provides short and effective training modules for "just-in-time" learning for over 200 software applications including Microsoft Office, iPhoto, Adobe Creative Suite, Appleworks, iTunes, SPSS, Illustrator, iMovie, and more.  Atomic Learning is a resource for faculty, staff and students alike.  Simply by logging onto MyFSU, you can access Atomic Learning in the Login Links channel.  Your user name and password are the same as your Ferris login.  You'll have the opportunity to access over 50,000 how-to tutorials – all at your fingertips 24 hours a day from campus or home.  Take a minute and try Atomic Learning today!

Written by Mindy S. Baumgartner