Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Tool for FerrisConnect you can use at Home

Ferris State has a contract with Respondus, who offers tools for instructors that use FerrisConnect. These tools include Respondus test creating software, which allows instructors to make assessments.  

Our contract allows instructors to install this tool on their personally owned computers.  To obtain a copy of Respondus, please visit the Home CD site.  (The Home CD link is also available through MyFSU, Workplace Tab, in the Computer Network Services channel).  You will want to download the appropriate file (Respondusxxx.exe), and the instructions for installation.  The instructions have the license key/number.

If you have installed the software at home, keep in mind that the license key/number expires each year, at the end of July.  You can get the latest code by viewing the online version of the installation instructions again, or by calling the TAC to get the current license key anytime.  

Written by Susan Cherry and Mary Holmes