Monday, December 12, 2011

Does Your Password Expire During Break?

The Technology Assistance Center will close Thursday December 22nd at 6 pm. Staff members will monitor email and voicemail periodically during break. To avoid any login problems, it is suggested you check your password expiration date on MyFSU and if your password expires

New My Tech Support Site Launched

On Monday, December 12th, a new version of the My Tech Support ( will be launched.  One of the main features you will notice is we are working toward focusing the content based on a person's relationship with the University -- students will have a separate home page, and employees have another.  We also grouped information for each service, for example, phone service, by audience when appropriate.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Project Roll-out: Eyecare Advantage

This past month the ITS department rolled out a new project called Eyecare Advantage Upgrade.

Eyecare Advantage was rolled out to the Optometry department. This is a major upgrade to their older system which required a replacement of their existing server. Eyecare Advantage is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management solution system that was designed to keep track of patient records and accounts.

How to Open a URL in Lotus Notes Using the Default Browser

Ever click on a URL that is in a Lotus Notes email and wish that it would open using your default web browser (Internet Explorer or FireFox)? There is a setting available within Lotus Notes to change this.

Burning the Midnight Oil doing System Maintenance

We work hard to keep the Ferris servers and computer systems up to date with security updates and the latest feature releases. Maintenance is scheduled to happen in the middle of the night to minimize the affect it has on your work.