Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 2012 Resale Store Promotion

Receive 15% OFF all items at the Computer Equipment Resale store February 20 through February 24, 2012 when you enter the promotion code "Frog" on the Payment Methods page. Item availability is limited.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Introducing Software Self Service

Have you ever requested software to be installed on your computer? If so, you have probably experienced the process that takes place.  You would normally start by calling or emailing the TAC to get a work order created. Next, a technician would contact you and set up a time to install the software.  When you are available, the technician would either try to install it remotely or would show up in your office.  For some software titles there is a more convenient way.

How to Secure iPhones, iPads

Worried about the security of your iOS device? Take the advice of security researcher Tom Eston. He has written an article called "Top 5 Security Settings for Apple iPhones and iPads." Below is an abbreviated list of his recommendations:

Software Self-Paced Training Resources

New software is constantly being introduced at Ferris. Many self-paced on-line resources are available to help you learn about Windows 7, Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat 10, Lotus Notes, BlackBoard 9.1, and more. Links to many different training resources are available on the My Tech Support Training site. Check them out.

Snagit - Available Campus Wide

Snagit is a full-featured screen capture program that allows you to take a snapshot of virtually any item displayed on your screen.  Whether you need to capture a small area or an entire window, Snagit is just a click away.  Snagit also allows you to export your screen captures to virtually any other program so you can easily merge your images into other documents or share them through an email.

Farewell Novell, Hello Microsoft

When you log into our network at your office computer, use a shared network printer, or access your "H" or "J" network drives, you are using our Novell Directory network system.  Now, however, Novell is used in very few places and is being replaced by Microsoft's Active Directory product.  So starting this spring, we will be phasing out our Novell services and expanding our Active Directory systems.  

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ferris State Mobile App

Ferris State University has just launched its first mobile application for iPhone and iPad through the iTunes Store! The app currently has:

  • * A Google map for the Big Rapids campus
  • * Ferris News articles
  • * A day-by-day class schedule viewer for students (MyFSU ID and password required)