Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Farewell Novell, Hello Microsoft

When you log into our network at your office computer, use a shared network printer, or access your "H" or "J" network drives, you are using our Novell Directory network system.  Now, however, Novell is used in very few places and is being replaced by Microsoft's Active Directory product.  So starting this spring, we will be phasing out our Novell services and expanding our Active Directory systems.  

We will need to move each computer one by one into the new system, and we will need to work with you to get your computer and files ready to move.  The department-by-department migration will begin mid-spring 2012, and go on for several semesters.  We will publish a tentative department schedule in the next month.  We will also contact you when your department's scheduled migration date gets closer.  

As part of the new system, we will be getting a new password reset tool that will make it easier for you to change your password.  Apple products are better supported in an Active Directory environment.  We anticipate few negative changes, but one that you might be interested in is that we will no longer be able to host personal websites on our servers.  There will be a few other minor "inconveniences" while we are going through this migration, but we will have some workarounds in place.  Otherwise, most functionality will be similar to what you had before.  

If you only use web services provided by Ferris, for example, MyFSU and FerrisConnect, you will not notice a difference after the migration. You will log in with the same id and password as before.

As the project progresses, we will be publishing news and updates on the MyTechSupport site, in MyFSU, and in the ITS Tech Connect newsletter.  To learn more about the change, click on the link below:


Written by Susan Cherry