Thursday, August 23, 2012

NetSupport School v11

For those of you who have never used NetSupport School before, it is classroom training software that provides teachers the ability to instruct while also maintaining their classroom management skills in a computer lab setting. As the instructor, you will have access to each student's computer without having to look over their shoulders. NetSupport School allows you to view, direct, and even
control the websites, applications, and documents you would like the students to use during the session.

One new feature that comes with NetSupport School v11 is the Question and Answer Module, which allows you, as the instructor, to verbally ask questions and gauge students understanding based on their answers instantly on screen. Another new feature is the Tutor Assistance App that can be placed on any Apple iOS or Android devices. This App gives instructors the all of the controls of the NetSupport School software with the ability to walk around the room as they teach. 

NetSupport School v10 is currently available in all computer labs around campus, except for BUS 104 and FLITE 108. These two rooms are at v11 to test out the latest version of the software before deploying to other labs around campus.

For more information on NetSupport School v11 click here or if you would like more training on NetSupport School v11, you may sign up for one-on-one training here: NetSupport School v11 Training. Select "NetSupport School 11" from the Select One-on-One Training 
drop down menu, then continue to follow the directions on the screen. Please make sure that either, BUS 104 and FLITE 108 is available when you are selecting your training time and date.

Written by Jennifer Warden