Thursday, August 23, 2012

Project Roll-out: Concur Travel Management Service

It's been coming and it's finally here. This past month the ITS department rolled out  a new application called Concur.

Now that Concur has been launched, what now? Well that's a good question.  We would like your help. This August the University launched
the Concur Travel & Expense application to allow its employees to process their expense reports electronically. There have been several Concur training sessions this past month as well as labs to get you started, however we are not done. We would like your help in making Concur work for everyone here at Ferris. Over the next several months as we all get in the groove of using Concur, we would like your ideas on how we can make it even better. The University hopes that the Concur program will evolve over the next year so not only does it make the processing more efficient but to also assist you with booking your plane reservations, hotel reservations and submitting for your travel or other out-of-pocket reimbursements.

One of the benefits of using Concur is the artificial intelligence that employees gain through the integration of policy, approvals, documentation requirements, card transactions, electronic receipts & imaging, direct deposit of reimbursements and document tracking, as well as, mobile access.  

Another benefit of Concur is the integration with Banner – employee data currently stored in Banner HR is fed to Concur on a weekly basis and all expenses that have been processed are automatically uploaded back into Banner. Our goal would be to have this automated, but we are still working on that.  Integration!

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Written By Jim Cook, Susan Cook and Linda Golden