Monday, September 10, 2012

Create a New Tab in MyFSU for Lotus Notes

Remembering how to get to the web version of Lotus Notes (also called iNotes) can sometimes be a challenge. Why not remove that challenge by creating a new tab in MyFSU
that links to iNotes? Use the instructions below to create the tab in MyFSU and the next time you want to access the iNotes, all you have to do is log in to MyFSU and click on the Lotus Notes tab. You will no longer have to remember the URL or how to navigate to the web site that links to iNotes.

How to create a new tab in MyFSU

1. Log into MyFSU
2. Click Content Layout in upper left hand corner of screen.
3. Click Add Tab
4. Name the Tab "Lotus Notes"
5. Select Framed
6. Put in  as the URL
7. Click Submit

The new tab should be displayed and easily accessible for access to iNotes.
As always, please make sure to log out of iNotes and MyFSU for security.

Written by Beth Haneline