Thursday, October 11, 2012

What is the FSU Software Link For?

Have you ever requested software to be installed on your computer? If so, you have probably experienced the process that takes place.  It normally starts by contacting the TAC to create a work order. Then a
technician contacts you to set up a time to install the software. For some software titles there is a more convenient way.

Introducing FSU Software

FSU Software is a portal with a selection of programs that can be legally installed on your office computer. The portal may be accessed through the ZEN FSU Software icon on Windows desktops (Figure 1) or the Casper FSU Software icon on Mac OS docks (Figure 2).  The programs found in FSU Software have been prepackaged for installation on your computer. Microsoft Office is one software package available through FSU Software.  

By using the FSU Software portal and installing the programs yourself, you no longer need to call the TAC or wait for someone to assist you. You can install the programs at your leisure and when it is MOST convenient for you.

Written by Randy Shanks