Monday, October 8, 2012

Why Can't I Upgrade to the Latest OS?

Apple has just released Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Microsoft is getting ready to launch Windows 8. Why does TAC wait to upgrade computers to the latest operating system? 

Any time a new operating system
comes out it is sure to have a few bugs and incompatibles with the current software installed on your computer. It takes time for Apple and Microsoft to work out the bugs and send out updates and patches. It also takes time for the other software companies to update their software so it works with the new operating system. 

TAC wants to make sure inconveniences are kept to a minimum for you. Each new operating system undergoes testing with all the major applications used at Ferris. It is not made available until the major issues are addressed and resolved so you are able to use your computer effectively and efficiently. 

Written by Jody Gardei