Thursday, November 15, 2012

Training Sessions Offered in November

The following training sessions will be offered by TAC's Technical Education and Outreach team in November:

NetSupport School 11 Training will be offered November 28th @ 11AM in BUS-104.
Tegrity for Beginners will be offered November 29th @ 10AM in FLT-114.  In this session participants will learn the basics about using the Tegrity lecture capture software. This includes how to access and install Tegrity, how to start a recording, how to use the different tools included in Tegrity, and how to troubleshoot basic issues. Participants will have an opportunity to get hands-on experience with this software.

Formatting in Excel 2010 will be offered November 30 @ 11AM in FLT-108.  In this training you will learn how to work with data in various ways.  We will be opening spreadsheets in different views, charting data, along with creating and using conditional formatting features.  

To register for any of these trainings click here.