Monday, December 10, 2012

Adobe Acrobat Pro - Using Comments

Has anyone ever asked you to read over a paper they wrote or to look over a document to make sure everything is correct? Try opening the document into Adobe Acrobat Pro and using the Comment feature. You can add sticky notes, highlight, attach, insert, replace, cross out, or underline contents of the document. Anything you would need to help edit a document without printing it off and red-penning it. 

Videos on how to access and use the Commment feature
Log in to Atomic Learning (a link is available in MyFSU in the Login Links channel) then click on the link below to access videos on how to use the Comment feature.

Please note there are several videos available on how to use this feature. Press on the "Next" button in the video window to navigate to the next video.

Written by Emily Tiesenga