Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tegrity Study Hall Walk-in Hours

Tegrity Study Hall Walk-in Hours

Thursdays in January 2013
11am to Noon

New! Secure Wireless Network at Ferris

If you bring a new tablet, smartphone, or laptop to campus and want to use it on the Big Rapids wireless network, you will want to use the new, secure wireless network FerrisWiFi. The older network, FSUNetI will be turned off in about a month, so avoid using that one.

To use the new FerrisWiFi, you will need to go through a quick one-time registration process with each of your wireless devices (laptops, tablets, or

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Subscribe and Stay Up To Date

Do you ever wonder what it means to "subscribe" to a website or RSS feed? Subscribing is one way you can stay up to date with the information that is important to you without having to go to the website. When you subscribe to a website or RSS feed, you are able to view updates from

Atomic Learning iPad App›

Atomic Learning offers training videos on numerous software titles such as Blackboard Learn, Microsoft, Adobe, and Apple products

An iOS app for the iPad came out last fall in the iTunes store. Now you can download the Atomic Learning app to an iPad and access these training videos anywhere wireless Internet is provided. You can even download videos for

Computer Lab Classroom Management Tips

NetSupport School is a classroom management software tool available on the computers in the computer labs on the main campus. It can be used by instructors to control the computers and communicate with students in the lab. Here are some tips on how the tool can be used to improve productivity in the classroom.

Ferris Technology Videos on YouTube

Did you know the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) has a YouTube site? Videos on how to use different Ferris technologies are posted to this site. You may have seen some of these videos embedded in other websites such as the FerrisConnect support site or My Tech Support site. The following playlists have been