Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Computer Lab Classroom Management Tips

NetSupport School is a classroom management software tool available on the computers in the computer labs on the main campus. It can be used by instructors to control the computers and communicate with students in the lab. Here are some tips on how the tool can be used to improve productivity in the classroom.

  1. When using NetSupport School it is best to set up as much of your class routine before your class comes in and starts using the computers. Take the time to set up the websites, documents, and applications prior to the students entering the class. This will allow your class to run more smoothly. Quick launch is a great tool to easily deploy websites and applications you your students with the click of a button.
  2. Once all of your students have entered the classroom, lock or blank all of their computers so that their full attention is on the teacher. This allows you to explain any vital information without the distraction of any applications, documents, or social media websites.
  3. At the start of class prompt your students to “Sign-In”, using the Sign In tool under student register. This will allow you to address each student by who they are and not by the computer they are sitting at.
  4. To avoid walking around the room to check if all students have turned off their computers at the end of class use the Power Off tool that is found under the Manage Icon in the top tool bar. This will allow you to shut down all computer from the main teaching station.
Sign up for one-on-one training on how to use NetSupport School through the TAC's Technical Education and Outreach team by clicking on the Book NOW! link available at

Written by Jennifer Warden