Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Subscribe and Stay Up To Date

Do you ever wonder what it means to "subscribe" to a website or RSS feed? Subscribing is one way you can stay up to date with the information that is important to you without having to go to the website. When you subscribe to a website or RSS feed, you are able to view updates from
several sites on one website. It helps keep you in the loop on what is important to you in one convenient location. Google Reader is one application that provides this service. 

Why not stay up to date with what is happening in IT at Ferris? Subscribe to the Tech Connect newsletter. You must have an account with a service that allows you to subscribe to different websites or RSS feeds. You already have one if you have a Google account. Just click on the Subscribe "Posts" drop-down on the Tech Connect newsletter and select Add to Google. You'll have the option to add the subscription to your Google homepage or Google Reader. More information on Google Reader is available here.  

Written by Jody Gardei