Monday, February 4, 2013

Windows 7 Training and Keyboard Shortcuts

Have you recently been upgraded to Windows 7?  Are you having a hard time getting comfortable with this Operating System?  

Windows 7 has many built in shortcuts to help improve your efficiency. For example, using just a few keys on the keyboard you can easily maximize,
minimize, or restore a window. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to bring up a search, lock your computer for security, or bring up Windows Explorer. Refer to the list below and you'll increase your efficiency in no time! If you are interested in learning more tips and tricks in Windows 7, join the Technical Education and Outreach team for a training on February 19th at 2PM in FLT-108.  To register for this class click here.

Window Control:
Win Key + Up                      Maximize Window
Win Key + Down                    Minimize / Restore Window
Win Key + Left                    Snap Window to the Left
Win Key + Right                   Snap Window to the Right
Win Key + Shift + Left            Jump Window to Left Monitor
Win Key + Shift + Right           Jump Window to Right Monitor
Win Key + Home                    Restore / Minimize All Windows
Win Key + Space                   Peek at the Desktop
Win Key + M                       Minimize all Windows
Win Key + D                       Show/Hide Desktop
Win Key + +                       Zoom In
Win Key + -                       Zoom Out

Windows Tasks:
Win Key + L                       Lock Computer
Win Key + E                       Windows Explorer
Win Key + R                       Run Window
Win Key + F                       Search
Win Key + T                       Focus First Taskbar Application
Win Key + G                       Bring Gadgets to Front
Win Key + P                       External Display Options
Win Key + #(1-9)                  Launch App in #th Pinned Taskbar Slot

Windows Explorer:
Alt + Up                          Up a level
Alt + Left                        Back
Alt + Right                       Forward

Shift + Click on Icon             Open new Instance
Middle Click on Icon              Open new Instance
Ctrl + Shift + Click on Icon      Open new Instance (with admin privileges)
Shift + Right Click on Icon       Show Window Menu

Written By:  Ashley Barrigar