Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New ITS Ticketing System Launched

Information Technology Services has replaced our old ticket/work order system with a more up-to-date service management system from Cherwell Software. Via e-mails, this new system will facilitate better communication about the status of your requests for help regarding technology. These e-mails correspond with the three stages of your work order:

1. Ticket Creation
When you contact ITS  about a technology issue, a ticket will be created. For your reference, an e-mail will be sent to you with basic information.

2. Resolution
When the ITS staff believe that your issue has been resolved, you will receive another e-mail that includes the original incident description and the resolution description.  Also included in this e-mail are two links: Ticket Not Completely Resolved and Ticket Completely Resolved. Please click on the appropriate link to let us know if you agree with and/or understand the stated resolution description.

If we do not hear from you within three business days of the "Resolution" e-mail, we will assume all issues have been resolved satisfactorily. So please, if you feel that your issue is not fixed, or you do not agree with the stated resolution description from the technicians, respond as soon as possible by clicking the Ticket Not Completely Resolved link. This will generate a new e-mail where you can update the information as to why the issue is not resolved. The e-mail will be sent back to ITS where they can determine the next step.

3. Survey Opportunity
Once you agree that the ticket has been resolved, or we don't hear from you within three business days of the "Resolution" e-mail, we will send you brief, five question survey for you to rate the support you received related to this particular ticket.

Written by Susan Cherry
IT Service Manager