Thursday, March 21, 2013

The TAC is Here to Serve You!

The Technology Assistance Center, better known to most Ferris employees and students as the TAC, is the information technology (IT) service desk at Ferris. 

The TAC is the one place anyone can contact for assistance with any number of technology related items. 

  • Password assistance 
  • Wireless access assistance 
  • Access to Ferris systems 
  • Requests for new technologies 
  • Reporting technology issues 
  • Computer assistance 
  • Technology training
  • Browser issues and much more! 
The TAC uses a ticketing system to keep track of the work being requested by you. In order to ensure your request is given to the proper IT team, they must first collect some information from you. 

  • Your name 
  • Information on how to contact you 
  • Your location 
  • The location you are calling in about 
  • The barcode on the equipment being reported 
  • Details about the issue or request 
  • How many people are affected? 
This information helps the TAC route your call to the appropriate team and ensures the proper priority is set. Each team works out of a queue that prioritizes work based on the urgency, number of people affected, and date entered into the ticketing system. It is very important that issues be reported to the TAC as soon as possible. Emergencies should always be called in to the TAC at 231-591-4822. Only email for non-emergencies. 

More information is always better if you can provide it. If you are getting an error message, try taking a Snagit snapshot of the error message and emailing it to the TAC. 

TAC always tries to assist you on the phone first. Some calls may be transferred to a remote assistance specialist who is able to connect up to your computer with your permission and address certain issues remotely. If this is not possible, the ticket is assigned to the support team that takes care of the system or building. 

Each time you contact the TAC about a new item a ticket will be placed in the ticketing system, even if you are just calling to ask a question. Feel free to ask the TAC for a ticket number if they do not give you one. You will receive an email from the TAC for each ticket in the system. 

After your ticket has been addressed, you will receive a follow up email asking if the item has been resolved or not. If you respond that your item has been resolved, the ticket will be closed. If you respond the item has not been resolved, the ticket will be reopened. If you do not respond, the ticket will automatically close after 3 days. If you respond after the 3 days, a new ticket will be placed in the system. 

Once the ticket is closed, you will receive a final email with a link to a survey so you can let the TAC know about the service you received. We do review your feedback, so please take the time to fill out the survey to let us know how we are doing. 

Written by Jody Gardei