Friday, April 19, 2013

Got an Idea of How ITS Can Improve?

The Information Technology department is always looking for better ways to improve your experience with Ferris State's technology services. So, we've set up an IT Services Feedback Forum that will serve as another tool to link communication between faculty, staff, and IT.

Currently, our main goal is to gather your ideas for quick wins to improve your daily technology experience and/or your technology support experience with IT
Services. We encourage you to explore the topics, view posts, and submit any of your own suggestions, but not to use this forum as a replacement for work orders.

You can post your own ideas, or use the "vote up" or "vote down" system that allows you to agree or disagree with previously submitted statements. This way, the most frequently made comments will be available for your viewing in a prioritized order, and also, it will show us which issues are of the highest importance.

We will respond to the entries to let you know if we can make the requested changes, as well as supply you with a timeframe for those potential changes.

To access the forum, go to the site, and select the IT Communication tab within the navigation menu at the top. You will see a Feedback button—just click it and you are on your way! 

You will have access to all the posts and threads after you login using an existing account from popular sites such as Facebook or Gmail, or once you create a new, free account (we suggest just using your Ferris email address as the account). Check back often because more topics will be added for you to submit your responses to.

If you have any questions, please give us a call, or use the Contact Us link on the forum site.

Written by Susan Cherry