Wednesday, May 8, 2013

College Active Directory Migration Information

This summer the entire campus will be moving away from Novell to Active Directory. Novell is currently used to authenticate to the H: and J: network drives. This will be changing to Active Directory over the summer.

Faculty that will not be on campus this summer need to be aware of how this will impact them and what options are available to them to ensure their user accounts are set up and Ferris owned computers are
transitioned properly before fall semester begins in August 2013.

You will receive an email over the summer prior to your college or department migrating to Active Directory. Anytime on or after the scheduled migration date, when you log in to Novell on your computer from on campus, an automated process will run on your computer that will start the transition.

Active Directory Migration Schedule:

College Migration Date
College of Education and Human Services May 13, 2013 - completed
College of Arts & Sciences May 20, 2013 - postponed until July 1
Retention & Student Success May 20, 2013 - postponed
College of Engineering Technology June 3, 2013
College of Business June 10, 2013
Kendall College of Art & Design June 17, 2013
Extended & International Operations  June 17, 2013
FLITE Library  June 24, 2013
College of Health Professions July 22, 2013
College of Optometry  July 29, 2013
College of Pharmacy July 29, 2013

How does it work?

When you arrive at your office the morning of the migration date for your department or any day after that date, log in to Novell and let the process of migrating your workstation from Novell to Active Directory begin. The process takes about 10 minutes to complete. If successful, you will be asked to reboot your computer and log in with your Active Directory credentials. 

Your ID will be the same as your Novell/MyFSU ID, but your password will be different. You should have received an email with your password if you did not already have an Active Directory password. You may also call the TAC at X4822 to obtain your password. 

The email will also contain additional information about services affected by the migration. Please make sure you read the entire email. A web site has been set up to help answer questions. You may also reply to this email or call the TAC at 231-591-4822 if you have further questions.

I will not be on campus this summer. How do I get my computer configured for Active Directory before fall semester?

When you log in to Novell on your computer (you should be on campus), anytime after your departments scheduled migration date, the migration tool will run. You should call the TAC at 231-591-4822 if you experience any problems. The TAC will dispatch a support technician to troubleshoot the issue. 

Laptop users have an additional option available. The TAC has set aside time throughout the summer for faculty to stop in and have their Ferris-owned laptop computers configured to work with the new Active Directory system. We ask that you sign up to attend AFTER your departments scheduled migration to Active Directory and at least one week in advance to allow TAC staff to prepare for your transition.

You may sign up by clicking "Book NOW!" at and selecting a session from the "Select Workshop" list. You may show up any time within the posted times on the date you choose. The entire process typically takes 10 minutes to complete. It may take longer if there are problems with your laptop. 

Sessions Scheduled for Assistance with the Migration for Laptop Users*:

  • Thursday, June 13 from 9am to noon, ASC 1006
  • Wednesday, July 24 from 1-4pm, BUS 121
  • Monday, August 19 from 1-4pm, FLT 405
  • Tuesday, August 20 from 1-3pm, FLT 405
  • Wednesday, August 21 from 10am-noon, MCO 213

 * laptop users may attend any session held AFTER their departments migration date. 

I use a Mac. How will the migration affect me?

Apple/Mac users will only need to have their computer migrated IF they primarily use a Windows-based operating system on their computer. You should follow the instructions in this email if you use Windows XP or Windows 7 on your Ferris owned Mac computer. 

For Apple/Mac users who use a Mac operating system, the way you access your H: & J: drives will change.  Click here for information on how to do this.