Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Help Students Change Their MyFSU Password

As you know, we have been moving from Novell to Active Directory.  Our last phase of this project is to change the students’ accounts over to Active Directory. Ferris students may require assistance and you can help by sharing this information.
When their MyFSU password expires, they will need to go to the ID lookup page to find out their new, temporary password. They will then need to set up challenge questions and reset their temporary password using the same password tool you now use. 

A link to these tools and instructions are available on the MyFSU login page titled “ID and Password Help.”
If they are still having problems, have them call the TAC at (231) 591-4822, or toll free (877) 779-4822.
Note: students at satellite locations may use a slightly different process depending on the location.  Please talk to your technicians about the process at your location.