Monday, September 16, 2013

Adobe Acrobat X Tip: Faster Zooming

The Loupe Tool allows you to quickly zoom in on a small portion of a PDF document. This may be useful if you need to see the fine details of a small portion of a PDF.

To use the Loupe Tool:
  • Right click the tool bar
  • Go to "Select & Zoom"
  • Click on "Loupe Tool" to add the button to the tool bar
  • Now, select the Loupe Tool from the tool bar

  • A cross hair cursor will appear
  • Drag the rectangle over the area you want to zoom
  • Another window will pop up in the screen zoomed to what you have selected

You can resize the Loupe Tool preview window to look at a larger zoomed area of the PDF document.

Using this allows you to look at the whole document while being able to zoom in on a specific area to see the fine details.

Written by Emily Tiesenga