Monday, November 11, 2013

Mac Tips - Using the Dictionary

Access the dictionary. Instructions in article.
Dictionary popup window. Instructions in article.
Apple has a really cool feature that you might not even know about. The dictionary is built into the Mac operating system. 

You can search the definition of a word simply by selecting the word and right clicking on it. Then click "Look Up (word here)". This will search the dictionary for your word.

The word will be placed into a yellow bubble and your definition will appear in a popup window on the screen.

Written by Jason Wilkins

Training Resources Master List

Have you heard the news? The FSU Administrative Council has put together a website with links to the different training and professional development resources available to employees. Click here to go to the site and explore the available options. 

Creating Accessible Word Documents Made Easy!

Creating accessible Word documents is easier than you may think when you use the Accessibility Checker tool available within Microsoft Word. 

First, open the document you wish to check for accessibility. Then, click on File, Info, Check for Issues, Check for Accessibility. The Accessibility Checker task pane will

Adobe Acrobat Page Transitions

If you have a large PDF that you are using for a presentation/slideshow, there is a way to have page transitions so it is more exciting when changing to the next slide.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Phone Support Available 24/7

Did you know TAC phone support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Give us a call at 231-591-4822 or toll free 877-779-4822 if you need immediate assistance accessing Ferris online resources. Or check out the My Tech Support website at where you will find documentation and quick help guides on Ferris supported technology resources.      

Friday, November 1, 2013

FCTL Offerings for November 2013

Stay up to date on the latest technology trends by participating in the offerings hosted by the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning in November.

Ensuring Greater Accessibility: Creating Closed Captioning for Audio and Video

Wednesday, November 13
Room:  FLITE 438
Jackie Hughes & Julie Rudolph

Adding a Link to a PDF Part I

If you have an existing PDF or are creating a new one you can add a link to your document. A link can be used for several purposes. The one discussed in this blog will cover links that take the user to a different page within the document. 

Meet Travis Scott

Travis Scott began working as TAC audio visual technician at Ferris last spring. As a teenager Travis set up stages, coiled cables, and ran sound for local bands. While doing this he decided to try his hand at repairing stage monitors and rewiring amps. It was at this point he decided to pursue a career in audio visual installation. 

Travis spent over a decade on the road managing projects around the United States. He was able to work for many Fortune 500