Friday, November 1, 2013

Adding a Link to a PDF Part I

If you have an existing PDF or are creating a new one you can add a link to your document. A link can be used for several purposes. The one discussed in this blog will cover links that take the user to a different page within the document. 

To add a link: 

  • Click on Tools
  • Click on Content
  • Go down to Add or Edit Interactive Object
  • Click on Link

Now you can draw a box around any area that you want to be a link. It can be something as small as a letter, a link, or an entire picture. Once you have drawn your box another box will pop up. You can choose how your link will look. Also, you can choose your link action.

  • Click the bubble Go To A Page View
  • Click Next

A box will appear that instructs you to scroll to the page you want the link to send the user to. At this point if you want to zoom in on a specific text, image, or graph on a page then zoom in on that specific location before you set the link. If you want the link to take them to the entire page then you do not need to zoom in on anything. 

Note: Do not click on an area of the document before you have set the link. Only use the mouse, arrow keys, or the zoom buttons to get to the link destination.

Once you have chosen the page or specific item you want the user to be linked to click Set Link.
To make sure your link is working properly select the hand tool on the tool bar and now you can click on your link.

Written by Carrie Hall