Friday, November 1, 2013

FCTL Offerings for November 2013

Stay up to date on the latest technology trends by participating in the offerings hosted by the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning in November.

Ensuring Greater Accessibility: Creating Closed Captioning for Audio and Video

Wednesday, November 13
Room:  FLITE 438
Jackie Hughes & Julie Rudolph

Creating closed captioning and providing scripts for video and audio may seem like a daunting task, but there are options and it saves you time to be proactive when building out your course with accessibility in mind.  Closed captioning and scripting offers alternative modes of learning for students who do not hear well, who has a native language other than English or who may not be an auditory learner. Being proactive in accessibility saves time, money and it develops a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Evernote: The Must-Have App

Friday, November 22
Room:  FLITE 405
Andrew Peterson, Scott Randle and Jackie Hughes

The Evernote app digitizes your note taking experience.  Capture, customize, and organize everything from websites to pieces of paper.  Evernote allows you to share and collaborate notes with colleagues.  If you have a mobile device, learn how to leave the pen and paper at home, and still capture everything.  (Supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac)

Black Friday Gadget Review

Wednesday, November 27
Room:  N/A
Andrew Peterson, Scott Randle and Jackie Hughes

Do you need to start shopping for the holidays but are confused between Gigabyte, Terabyte, SD, HD, Bluetooth, or Flux Capacitor?  Do you know what options are important on the latest gadgets?  Do you have questions about items on your shopping list?  Stop by and see some of the holiday buzz.  We'll have some of the retailer’s flyers on hand and a couple of the gadgets too.  If you have any technical questions, or are curious about the reviews, stop by and be part of the conversation.