Friday, November 1, 2013

Meet Travis Scott

Travis Scott began working as TAC audio visual technician at Ferris last spring. As a teenager Travis set up stages, coiled cables, and ran sound for local bands. While doing this he decided to try his hand at repairing stage monitors and rewiring amps. It was at this point he decided to pursue a career in audio visual installation. 

Travis spent over a decade on the road managing projects around the United States. He was able to work for many Fortune 500
companies and worked on award winning audio visual projects with over a million dollar budget. Though Travis enjoyed traveling and seeing most of the 50 states, life on the road was tiring. He went back to college to get his degree in broadcasting production.  

When he isn't working or reading about technology, Travis likes to "unplug" and enjoy nature. As a result he can percolate that cup of coffee he cannot live without, chop firewood by hand, cook with a well seasoned cast iron skillet, and boil tea water on the stove.   

We are excited to welcome Travis to TAC and think he is a valuable asset to Ferris.