Thursday, December 19, 2013

Acrobat Tip: How to Combine Multiple Files into One PDF

Open Adobe Acrobat. In the Welcome window, select Combine Files into PDF

The Single PDF button is automatically selected.

Select Add File in the top left corner of the Combine Files dialog box.

There are different ways to select files:

  • Click Add Files, the Add Files dialog box will appear. Locate the file you want to include, which will then be the first file to show on the list of combining files.
  • Select Add Files again, if you have a folder with all of the PDFs you want to combine, select the option Add Folders
    • Select the folder you want to combine, and click ok
    • All of the files will appear from that folder, and will be next in the list for combining files.
  • To select specific pages form a document and not the whole thing, highlight the file, and click Choose Pages at the bottom of the dialog box. You may then select which pages you would like to use.

Once you have the files in the order you want, click Combine Files in the bottom right hand corner.

It will take a moment for the document to publish, once it is complete the Save As... dialog box will appear for you to save your PDF.

Written by Emily Tiesenga