Monday, January 6, 2014

Accessibility Training Now Available Via Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning Logo
Imagine you have been directed to fill out a form on a website. You notice that the cursor is not in the first box, so you use your mouse to relocate your cursor to the first box and fill in the information. You hit the tab key expecting the cursor to go to the next box, but it goes to a box further down the page. Once again you use your mouse to relocate the cursor to the next

box, enter your information, and hit tab. The cursor does not go to the next box. How frustrating! Now imagine you are blind and can't use your mouse to move to the correct box. How do you know what field you are in and what information to provide? If someone had taken the time to create this website so the tab order followed the proper order of the text boxes and each text box could be identified by a screen reader, this frustration could have been avoided. 

Web and media accessibility is a hot topic here at Ferris. Everybody benefits when time is taken to properly create a website, make a document, or caption a video using best practices. Atomic Learning now has accessibility training videos available to help you create accessible documents, forms, and videos in addition to how to use assistive technologies such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, Jaws, and Kurzweil. 

You will need to log in to Atomic Learning to access these videos. More information on how to access Atomic Learning and the Assistive Technology videos is available on the FerrisConnect support website.

Written by Jody Gardei