Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Outlook 2013 Tip: Set The Default Printer Paper Tray

To change the default printer paper source in Outlook 2013, use the setting within the Print screen of Outlook. Keyboard shortcuts are included in parenthesis for those who prefer to use them over the mouse.

To do set the default printer tray from within Outlook 2013, select the email
you would like to print. Select the File tab (Alt F) and select Print (Alt P). Double mouse click on Memo Style (Alt Y2), open the Paper tab (Ctrl tab one time) and go to the Paper Source selection box (tab three times). Select the paper tray you would like to use (use the down arrow to select the paper tray). Select OK (tab nine times, then press the enter key). You may now select Print to print your Outlook 2013 document from the selected tray (Alt P two times).

Written by Jody Gardei and Rob Hazekamp