Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Adding a Link to a PDF II

Picture of the tools menuThere are several ways to use links in a PDF. In an earlier blog I covered how to use a link that will bring them to a different location within the document. In this blog I will cover adding a link to the document that will open a web page.   

To add a link:  
  • Click on Tools
  • Click on Content Editing
  • Go down to Add or Edit Link
    • Click on Add or Edit Link

Now you can draw a box around any area that you want to be a link. You can make something as small as a letter a link or an entire picture. Once you have drawn your box a window will pop-up. You can choose how your link will look. Also, you can choose your link action.
Picture of create link pop-up

  • Click Open A Web Page 
  • Click Next
    • A box will appear asking you to enter the URL for the site you want to link to.  

Picture of set link pop-up box
  • Enter the URL and select OK

After your link is set you want to make sure the link is working properly. You need to first select the hand tool on the tool bar; then you can click on your link.   

Written by Carrie Hall