Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What Does Reliability Mean to TAC?

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Reliability is an important part of customer service. We know customers' want to work with someone they feel they can depend on. We know the customers' also want to have confidence in our ability to help them. In the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) reliability to us is our ability to
provide what was promised, dependably and accurately.

In TAC we try our best to follow these guidelines:

1. We do not answer the customer with "I don't know!" Instead we say "I am not sure, but I will find out."

2. We know where to direct customers who need further assistance.

3. We keep our promises. If we tell a customer, "I will be right back," we make an appointment, or make any kind of personal promise we keep it!

4. We do our best to be accurate. Although we want to be quick, being accurate is most important. We do not want a customer to call back because the problem was not taken care of the first time.

Being reliable is a priority to the TAC staff.

Written By Carrie Hall