Monday, June 30, 2014

Reassuring Our Customers

Knock Your Socks Off Customer Service image
Everyone wants to be assured that the people they come in contact with are capable of helping them. Some may call in with a preconceived idea of the type of customer service they will receive. It is our job to reassure you that we can and will help.

The following are a set of reassurance factors that TAC staff follow to help create trust with you, our customers.

1. Organizational Knowledge: We strive to know who to contact next if we are unable to fix your problem and to use the procedures put in place to make sure your needs are addressed properly.

2. Product Knowledge: We do not claim to know everything about every product, but we do know a lot about the products we deal with. We will find out the answer to anything we don't know.

3. Listening Skills: It is our policy to give each customer our undivided attention. We may ask questions along the way; this is to ensure that we have the information necessary to resolve the problem.

We want your experience with TAC be a good one. We do our best to create a positive experience for every customer.

Written By
Carrie Hall