Thursday, January 8, 2015

PC Vendor Change FAQ

1. Why are we switching?
After reviewing our current and alternative vendors, the decision was made to switch based on hardware reliability, and cost savings.

2. If it is a cost-savings, how much do we expect to save, percentage wise? 
Expected cost savings will be around 10-20%.

3. How many computers do we buy a year?
According to our overextended computer count, we should be purchasing 1,500 computers per year.  However, we are currently purchasing about 800-1,000 computers per year with the majority being Windows based.

4. How much do we expect to save per year switching to HPs/SEHI?
We can expect to save approximately $90,000 per year by using 750 Windows based computers per year, at an average desktop/laptop cost of $1,200 and figuring 10% savings.  This number is likely conservative.

5. Will shipping still be free?

6. Will there be a different delivery time line for new purchases? Repairs?
No. Orders should maintain the current timeline.  Standard orders should arrive within 10 business days.

7. Will any efficiencies be gained?
We have had several examples of hardware issues that Dell has accepted responsibility.  Hundreds of small form factory computers had defective power supply capacitors.  Battery recalls is another example.  Close to 100 defective monitors in our summer PCR phase. SEHI and HP have committed to using resources from SEHI or HP to address hardware issues on-site.  This should save technician time and aside from someone helping to coordinate, the majority of the labor is on the vendors.  I believe this will make their quality check program more valuable since they would want to minimize the number of these types of occurrences. For other aspects, time will tell.

8. Is there anything technologically different in the HP items compared to Dell?
There will be subtle differences between the systems, but most of the customer expectations will still be met.

9. Will anything be different in the warranty?
No. We will maintain a four (4) year warranty. 

10. Will the purchasing process be different?
No. A person wishing to place an order will use the the Technology Service Portal.

11. How often does HP change models?  Is there a consumer line and a corporate line like Dell's?
They have consumer and business lines, just like Dell, with comparable lifelines of 18 months on the business side.

12. If I plan to purchase a computer soon, would I be better off to wait until January?
At this time, it is too soon to tell.

13. Will we have similar packages, like those with dual monitors?

14. How will PCR be affected? Will they all be Dell this year still?
Yes.  PCR16 will be HP purchased through SEHI.

15. Will we be getting rid of Dell equipment that we have soon?  How will the roll out go?
We will continue to use any Dell equipment until the end of its life.  The HP equipment is for new purchased starting January 2nd.  However, we may elect to do some experimental purchasing to test the waters and refine processes.

16. Will the mixed environment cause support problems? 
There may be some unanticipated challenges, but most of the transition should be smooth.

17. Will Dell still let us do warranty repairs? Will employees and students with personal Dell computers still be able to take their computers to STS for repairs? 
Yes. Employees and students will also be able to visit STS for repairs on their computing devices.

18. Will prices of Dell toner go up for us?  Servers?
We are still unsure a this time.

19. What about tablets?  Will an HP one be recommended?
Tablets were removed from the evaluation and will be reviewed separately at a later time.

20. Is HP an American based company?  Are the computers made here?
HP is a global company based out of Palo Alto, California. The company's US operations is headquartered in Harris County, Texas.

21. What about the discount for personal purchases?  Can they still get a discount from Dell?
Expect discounts  from Dell to last through December 31st. HP discounts will begin on January 2nd, 2015.  

22. What is the HP student/personal purchase plan? Is it a similar percentage off?
The pricing for student/personal purchases will be around the same as the University discounts. Yes, it will be a similar percentage off.