Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Remote Support Using Bomgar

What is Bomgar?
Bomgar is a secure remote support appliance that enables support representatives to access, diagnose, control and fix remote computers.

Why would we want to use Bomgar?

Bomgar has been able to successfully shorten support calls by as much as 75 percent, while also being able to increase the resolution of first contact calls by an average of 30 to 60 percent. The increase in these numbers means that less problems will have to be escalated to second level support, which allows them to focus on other issues. It also means that we solve your technology problems faster allowing you to move on with your day.

Along with an increase in efficiency, Bomgar is also more secure than the previous remote support system that was in place. Both the customer client and support representative must connect to the Bomgar appliance, which resides under the internal campus security, which is already in place, and does not pass any information to a third party. 

How does this affect me?
Have you ever called the Technology Assistance Center for support and had to have a second level support technician dispatched to your office to perform the work? Bomgar allows the support representative answering your phone call to also perform the work remotely instead of having to locate a second-level support technician to send over to the physical location which could potentially take valuable time away from our faculty, staff, and students.
How does it work?
The most common way to begin a Bomgar remote support session is through an email generated by the support technician. You'll receive an email with a link to begin a new support session. When you click on the link, the Bomgar client is downloaded to your computer so the support representative can connect to your computer remotely. It is important to note that the support representatives can NOT connect to your computer remotely without you granting permission. You are able to control exactly how many permissions you wish to give the support representative, so you are in complete control of the session.

Microsoft Lync Replaced by Skype for Business

Skype icon
As you may have noticed, Microsoft Lync (our previous messaging application) was replaced with Skype for Business during the month of April. You'll notice that all of the features you previously used are still there with a much more streamlined look and simplified controls. If you've ever used Skype for personal use, you'll notice that many of the features are now also being used in Skype for Business.

Many improvements have been made with the transition from Lync to Skype for Business. Some of these include content sharing and telephony. You can now transfer a call with one click instead of three. Also, video calling now allows you to call anyone with a Skype account on any device. Check out all the new features of Skype for Business, watch a short video tutorial, and download a Quick Start Guide using the links below and discover new ways of collaborating with your colleagues today!